Our studio in Berlin, Kreuzberg, U7 Gneisenaustr.
Started from 2016 September. It's a very dreamy space for all creaters.
With High Quality Equipments & Magical Skills

About Studio

Our services cover a wide range of audio engineering and music production.
(from vocal rec. to arranging songs, film audio final mixing)
We offer excellent services at fair prices.
(Ex. Price Mastering:€ 40.-, Mix :€ 100.- /Song)


Our System

Our main system is AVID Pro Tools HDX and So many new Plug-Ins
High-End Cables& Master Clocks, Neve Mixer, Vintage Outborads are used toghther with.



Awsome Vintage analog outboards& Mics, Music Instruments& Groove Gears

They are maintained in very good condition.


Please contact us !! Let's talk about your plan!